Tahoe Happy Hour: Mobile Bar Brings the Party to You

Enjoy artisanal signature drinks from the comfort of your home

Don’t go out to a bar, let the bar come to you!

Why do we waste so much time going out to a bar on a busy night?  First there’s parking.  Then we have to try and find seats, or at least a safe place to stand.  Plus there is ordering, and paying, and waiting for a drink….opps they forgot one….then waiting some more…

And on top of all this hassle and chaos you have to worry about driving home at the end of the night.  Maybe you were the sober driver, but what about the guy taking shots at the bar who is parked next to you?

And if you have a group of people, everything becomes more challenging.  You ultimately spend your night herding and babysitting and delegating.  What if there was a way for everyone to have a fun night without having to deal with the stress of a busy bar?  And, did we mention you can have fabulous made-to-order drinks that feature locally sourced ingredients?

Lake Tahoe Moscow Mule signature cocktail

Garden to Glass is Lake Tahoe and Reno’s traveling speak-easy bar, invented for those who want great beverage service without the hassle of going to a bar.  We specialize in local, organic and foraged specialty cocktails that are health and wellness based.  We’re talking low sugar, fresh produce, and sustainably focused drinks for home parties, private events, heck even in the middle of the wilderness!  Or mobile bartending service goes just about anywhere!

Best bar in Lake Tahoe and Reno

Mobile bartending is a new concept, much like food trucks.  The portability of our service allows us to diversify our products and bring a unique and refreshingly original experience to your party.  We have everything traditional bars have: homemade elixirs, signature cocktails, fresh juices, fancy ice.  Plus we’re dog friendly, kid friendly, sensitive diet friendly, even non-alcoholic friendly.  We adapt our services to fit your needs.  Book your event today!

Bartender for private parties

Planning a bachelorette/bachelor party?  Or a family reunion?  Perhaps you are in charge of a corporate retreat.  No matter the event we have something for everyone.  Our mobile rustic themed bar is designed for beaches, backyards, backcountry, barns, and is just as comfortable indoors as it is outside.

Garden to Glass rustic woodsy mobile bartending

Imagine having a bachelorette party on a private Lake Tahoe beach with your own personal mixologist making signature cocktails.  Or relaxing in your backyard while you take in the views of the sierras and sip on a maple and cedar old fashioned.  Let Garden to Glass elevate your beverage experience!

For an even more exclusive Tahoe experience, check out our mixology classes.  Depending on the time of year, we have wilderness immersive courses that show you how to turn local plants into cocktails and wellness drinks.