Never Miss An Occasion Uncelebrated

Bartending Courses Evolutionized

Game Night + Cocktails/Mocktails

Through 60-90 mins, you will learn to make two easy to prepare cocktails/mocktails using seasonally fresh ingredients and home-found tools, and your preferred base spirit. All this while going through Trivia games laughs, conversations, and finish with 10-15 mins dedicated to Q&A with your bartender. 

90 Mins of Ultimate Fun

Two Seasonal Easy Cocktails

Games, Trivia and Q&A

For Just 300$ with unlimited participants

Our main goal is to get people to meet, celebrate, party, enjoy and have fun.

We don’t charge per person, rather for the whole group, which is just a flat fee of 300$, and the number of participants is up to you, we can offer up to 30 zoom links and even more. 

Our pleasure comes from putting smiles on faces because honestly, we miss it.

And we are determined to make this experience one of the best virtual experiences you have, so we integrated high-end studio equipment to our bar with multiple camera angles, and the best audio system.

We chose cocktails easy to make from off-the-shelf ingredients with equipment found in any house.

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Who and what is this for?

Everyone, Literally Everyone!

You Don’t Need A Reason to Try and Get Together Virtually 

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