We are Michelle Stohlgren & Ian Hadder

Cocktail Nerds + Virtual Celebration Professionals 

we are pleased to welcome you into

The Virtual Celebration Experience

With the current change to the social scene, we aim to bring a dynamic approach to your virtual classes and live events.

The Digital Fiesta Experience

Virtual game night + cocktails/mocktails 

You see, it was depressing to halt bartending, and we sure it’s depressing for you to stay away from your loved ones, family, and friends. 

But we are determined, and if the world is going kookoo, we won’t sit and watch. So we decided to get technology on our side and get the bar to each house. 

From now on, your nights shouldn’t be just Netflix and chill. 

Through 60 to 90 mins, we will help you create two signature cocktails out of three to four ingredients that can be found in any house or store. Using your preferred spirit or non-alcoholic base, while enjoying customizable trivia questions and other games.

For that, we have prepared a professional studio technology with multiple camera angels on our bar, that will get the bar experience to your screens. 

We also dedicate the last 10 mins to Q&A.  

So get your cups, spoons, cutting boards, and a few of the shelf ingredients to enjoy with us, family, and friends, some of the most memorable nights of this pandemic. 

Who is this for?

We hosted virtual birthday parties

Graduation Parties

Casual Family Gatherings

Colleagues events, You name it

But really, there should be no reason for people to gather and enjoy the nights together. (to edit)

We don't stop here, we also offer

In person Party

In person private bartending services for Lake Tahoe + Reno 

Alcohol Delivery

We collaborate with to guarantee a wide variety of great brands. Same prices as in-store delivered to your door. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need?

We structured our classes to minimize the supplies you need to participate.  Each class has its own list of tools and supplies that you will receive when you sign up.  OR check out our COCKTAIL CLASS SUPPLIES where you can directly purchase bar supplies and spirits and have them delivered.

How many people can take the class?

As many as you want!  With each class you receive 30 Zoom links, use them as you wish!  We’ve seen classes with 10 people crowded around one screen.  Although, we recommend keeping it to max 4 people per screen – it tends to get loud with all the shaking and you don’t want to miss the good parts.  WE DO NOT CHARGE PER PERSON!

What if I dont want to buy a bunch of bartending stuff?

No problem!  We made a list of common kitchen tools that can be used in place of bartender equipment.  Even with basic stuff you can still make incredible drinks!

Do you offer Classes for corporate groups?

Absolutely!  We love working with corporate groups.  Our classes encourage team building and comradery, and will leave your group with a new common interest.  In addition, cocktails can be made non-alcoholic for those who don’t drink, so everyone can be included.  CONTACT US for large classes and special celebrations.

Do you offer mixology kits?

Kind of….we offer delivery services where you can purchase your class supplies and have them sent to you.  Working with these services allows us to keep your costs down while providing fast shipping.  And, the best part is all you have to do is click on the item and you can purchase it directly from the source….we did all the shopping for you!  Follow this link to our COCKTAIL CLASS SUPPLIES to find everything you need for your online class.

What if we have a group bigger than 30 zoom links?

No problem!  We offer classes up to 100 Zoom links!  Due to the personalization and production needs, larger classes require additional staff to ensure everything runs smoothly.  CONTACT US for pricing options.

Though you may have a minor case of FaceTime fatigue, you don’t want to miss Garden to Glass Mixology’s public and private online mixology classes. Over video chat, participants learn how to craft two beverages — which can also be made nonalcoholic — while participating in trivia. The drink recipes focus on seasonal, fresh ingredients with unique twists such as a Blood Orange White Russian or the Ginger and Turmeric Mule Mocktail.
Jess W.
Party Planer
Absolutely blown away by the incredible experience Michelle and Ian gave us at my sister’s cocktail-themed bachelorette party! There were six of us on one zoom link, shaking our new cocktail kits along with Ian and Michelle. They were nothing but accommodating at every step of the way – everything was on theme, tailored to exactly what I envisioned, detailed and organized to a T; they even came up with and ran alcohol and bride-related trivia for my nerdy friends! The whole experience beyond exceeded expectations. During the class my sister asked me “Do you know them? Are they your friends?” because they were both so personable and integrated themselves so easily and naturally into our party! They were responsible for making our socially-distant party a success, which is especially difficult during the pandemic. I seriously can’t thank them both enough. They made my sister’s night so special in a moment that will only happen once in a lifetime. I 100% trust them to make a learning, fascinating, fun, and incredible experience. Also, I’ve made the cocktails twice since then – they were that tasty and easy! If you read this, I hope you choose to work with them. You won’t be disappointed. I can’t recommend them enough.
Natalie T.
Maid of Honor


Virtual Game night + Cocktails

Give the gift of great cocktails and fun times