Your Virtual Party With a Host

Welcome to our online multi-camera bar, where we host your gathering, events, and celebrations. Through 60 mins together, we will create two signature cocktails out of your favorite spirit base, which can also be done as mocktails. Play customizable trivia games while celebrating the evening and end with a Q&A segment with the bartender. 

This is the ultimate virtual experience for friends, families, colleagues, corporate events, and more to get together, celebrate, drink play games and make the best out of the isolation. 

With us, its the ultimate virtual celebration

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need?

We structured our classes to minimize the supplies you need to participate.  Each class has its own list of tools and supplies that you will receive when you sign up.  OR check out our COCKTAIL CLASS SUPPLIES where you can directly purchase bar supplies and spirits and have them delivered.

How many people can take the class?

As many as you want!  With each class you receive 30 Zoom links, use them as you wish!  We’ve seen classes with 10 people crowded around one screen.  Although, we recommend keeping it to max 4 people per screen – it tends to get loud with all the shaking and you don’t want to miss the good parts.  WE DO NOT CHARGE PER PERSON!

What if I dont want to buy a bunch of bartending stuff?

No problem!  We made a list of common kitchen tools that can be used in place of bartender equipment.  Even with basic stuff you can still make incredible drinks!

Do you offer Classes for corporate groups?

Absolutely!  We love working with corporate groups.  Our classes encourage team building and comradery, and will leave your group with a new common interest.  In addition, cocktails can be made non-alcoholic for those who don’t drink, so everyone can be included.  CONTACT US for large classes and special celebrations.

Do you offer mixology kits?

Kind of….we offer delivery services where you can purchase your class supplies and have them sent to you.  Working with these services allows us to keep your costs down while providing fast shipping.  And, the best part is all you have to do is click on the item and you can purchase it directly from the source….we did all the shopping for you!  Follow this link to our COCKTAIL CLASS SUPPLIES to find everything you need for your online class.

What if we have a group bigger than 30 zoom links?

No problem!  We offer classes up to 100 Zoom links!  Due to the personalization and production needs, larger classes require additional staff to ensure everything runs smoothly.  CONTACT US for pricing options.