Virtual Cocktail Classes

Home bartending class

Master your home bar with an interactive Garden to Glass mixology class.  Invite friends from around the world, while enjoying a safe and distanced web party.  

Cheaper than buying your friends a round at a bar, we give you an excuse to get your crew together.  Our virtual classes are made to entertain and educate home bartenders.  We focus on empowering you to make phenomenal drinks. 

You will receive the list of supplies & bar tools needed in advance so you can prepare.  Shop our curated Amazon store for fancy tools, or use common kitchen items for easy bar hacks.

Garden to Glass mixologist Ian Hadder

One Hour Class

Private instruction from an expert mixologist(s)

Recipe Cards

Personalized Recipe cards – downloadable and printable

Bartending Tools

We provide a link to our Amazon curated cart for supplies to build your home bar

Lesson Plan & Menu

Hand selected by you!  Choose from our list of available classes, themes and cocktails to create a course engineered around your style.

Signature Cocktails

We’re making 2 signature cocktails featuring fresh ingredients

Up to 15 Channels

Zoom links for up to 15 devices (no extra fees per person!!)

Kitchen DIY

Don’t own or want to purchase bartending tools?  No worries, we provide a list of things you might already have in your kitchen.  Such as: mason jar, shot glass, strainer…


Only $200 per class with discounts when you book multiple classes!

The Best Bar

Why take classes with Garden to Glass?  Because we bring a farm to table approach to classic cocktails.  And our drinks are sooo good!  We’re talking $15 speak easy styles cocktails that YOU can make again and again.  Its simply too good to pass up.

We offer flexible classes tailored to all abilities and drinking styles.  And most importantly, we make our lessons fun and approachable.  Our likeable instructors are not snobby hipsters know-it-alls, they are experienced bartenders who are passionate about great drinks.  In fact, we design our courses to include DIY bar hacks, professional tips, and surprisingly easy recipes. 

We want you to leave with the confidence to make the same drinks at your next social gathering – or help you get through the rest of lockdown!


How many people can take a class?

Each class comes with 15 Zoom channels, how you use those channels is completely up to you. Feel free to pack them in or keep your distance.  Its YOUR party, and you are in charge of who’s invited.

What supplies and ingredients do I need?

You will receive the list of supplies & bar tools needed in advance so you can prepare.  Shop our curated Amazon store for fancy tools, or use common kitchen items for easy bar hacks.

Who picks our drink menu?

After you book your virtual class you will be sent a questionaire to fill out (don’t worry, its quick and painless).  Based on your preferences we will develop a personalized lesson plan and drink menu.  Our classes are unique because we cater to your style!

Do you offer classes for big groups or corporate events?

Absolutely!  If you are interested in scheduling a class bigger than 15 links, we will happily scale to your needs.  In order to maintain a level of quality and efficiency we add additional staff to larger classes.  Contact us for group pricing, and ask about our specialty rates for large parties!

Tell me more about 20% off multiple parties...

One class is fun, but if you’re serious about diving into cocktail making and appreciation you want to book multiple sessions.  When you book multiple classes at once, you get get 20% off your booking.

Each class we will build off the previous classes to cover a broad range of topics as well as grow to make more difficult cocktails. This is an amazing way to up your host game by getting your home bar stocked and your cocktail quiver full. The feedback from this series has been off the charts!

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