We excel at engaging events, you have come to the right place!  Our parties provide a space for you to connect – we like to think of it as a “normal” bar in a virtual setting. We’re here to help you have fun and celebrate. Which is why we don’t call it a cocktail class…..it’s a party at our virtual bar!
As professional bartenders, we understand not everyone likes to drink the same thing. Planning for a group is tricky when everyone likes a different spirit.  For this reason, we developed a new approach to cocktail classes that allows your guest to customize their beverage with ingredients they love – or as we like to call it, “create your own signature cocktail”. And the BEST part, BOTH drinks can be made as non-alcoholic MOCKTAILS! Truly something for everyone, we’re crowd-pleasers 😉
Just as you would expect in your local bar, we have drinking games!  We developed an interactive space to provide virtual connections through shared experiences.  What does this mean?  It means breaking down the virtual barriers and facilitating the fun with customizable trivia, pet/plant challenges, and bar stories!  Plus, we have a bartender Q & A at the end of our parties to give you a space to ask those burning bar questions (or find out how to order better drinks

Looking For A Perfect Gift?

 You’re buying the next round in the form of a virtual party!